How does BODDY work?

BODDY built a technology that connects fitness clubs, trainers and classes with online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia, KLOOK, Traveloka or Airbnb. As a fitness operator, you just upload your data and get listed on multiple OTAs. You can manage your bookings in the BODDY dashboard or smoothly connect your current software with BODDY.

What’s the difference from existing aggregators?

They are subscription based, which means clients pay a monthly fee to get access to a variety of studios and offers. BODDY operates a fully flexible pay-as-you-go model where clients don’t have any membership contract and only pay what they effectively use.

What does it cost?

There is no subscription fee or other running costs. It’s a pure commission-based model and BODDY typically takes percentage of every booking, which is then shared with the respective booking platform.

How does the software work?

The software is an interface that connects your data with our database. From a studio perspective, it’s like a dashboard or cockpit where you can upload your data and manage your bookings.

What happens after a booking is made?

You will get an E-mail/SMS notification that a new booking arrived in your dashboard. In there, you will see all past and current bookings. When the guest shows up, your front desk staff can scan the ticket (typically a QR code) through the BODDY app.

How can I register on BODDY?

Please be aware that the new website is coming online in the next weeks. You can then visit www.boddy.tech, click on “sign up” and you will be guided through the registration process.

How do I receive payments?

You will receive monthly payments directly on your bank account. Please leave us your payment details in your personal dashboard (interface). In there, you can also check the payment status of every individual booking.

Can I only offer day passes?

You can offer any kind of ticket on BODDY, including day passes, multi-entry tickets or even memberships. You can also offer group classes or sessions with personal trainers in order to have an attractive portfolio for prospective clients. It’s all up to you!

Am I cannibalizing my current member base?

No, BODDY activates a totally new revenue stream through a new client segment: Travelers. For your current clients, nothing will change. Bear in mind that travelers will have the time to visit your studio during off-peak times. You can also create peak-time and off-peak-time tickets in order to optimize your studio utilization rate.

My studio is unsupervised 24/7, how can I use BODDY?

If you have an entry code technology, we can synchronize our systems (API) in order to provide a code to the client after the booking is confirmed. If your location is part-time supervised, you can flag the serviced times in the dashboard.

Do I need to sign a contract?

In the dashboard, you will need to tick the boxes that you agree with the terms and conditions of BODDY. That’s it.